Sleep quality and its correlates in college students

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【作者】 刘贤臣、唐茂芹、胡蕾、王爱祯、陈琨、赵贵芳

【Author】 Liu Xianchen et al,Shangdong Mental Health Center,Jinan250014

【机构】 山东省精神卫生中心

【摘要】 本研究应用匹兹堡睡眠质量指数(PSQI)调查了560名学生。研究发现学生PSQI平均得分为5.26±2.38,13.93%的学生有睡眠质量问题,男生显著高于女生(18.01%vs8.40%x ̄2=10.54,P<0.01)。逐步回归分析揭示影响学生睡眠质量问题的主要危险因素依次为抑郁分(SDS)、生活事件、焦虑分(SAS)、睡觉迟、健康状况差、男性和体育活动少。

【Abstract】 The pittsburgh Sleeep Quality Index(PSQI)was administered to 560 college students toassess their sleep quality and its correlates.It was found that the mean score of PSQI was 5.26±2. 38 in thesampled students. Of the sample investigated.13. 97%had problem in sleep quality with significant differencebetween males and females(18.01% vs.8. 40%, x=1.54.P<0. 01).Poor sleep quality was found to beassociated with poor physical health . lack of physical exercises .less life satisfaction , habit of delayed sleepand no breakfast,negative life events,and higher scores in anxiety(SAS) and depression(SDS) rating scales.

【关键词】 睡眠质量; 相关因素; 学生;

【Key words】 Sleep quality; college students; mental health.;


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