The Trend,Chanlenges and Technologies of Libraries in the Future——Analysis Based on“New Media Consortium Horizon Report:2015 Library Edition”

【作者】 徐路

【Author】 Xu Lu;

【机构】 南京图书馆

【摘要】 对《新媒体联盟地平线报告(2015图书馆版)》的特点、历年报告对比及核心内容进行分析,重点阐述未来5年图书馆在技术规划和决策领域的全球性焦点问题。包括提升研究内容的可取得性和重视对图书馆空间的反思、学术记录迅速发展和数据管理的关注度提升、注重加强用户体验和优先应用传输移动数据和内容等3项关键趋势;将图书馆服务嵌入课程体系和增进信息素养、来自其他服务途径的竞争和重新定义图书馆员的角色和技能、直面变革需求和改革陈旧知识管理结构等6项面临挑战;创客空间、在线学习、可视化信息、语义网与关联数据、智能定位和机器学习等6项重要技术。提出辩证看待《报告》并积极审慎应用新技术、建设新型学习基础设施和开发整合优质资源、推进图书馆知识服务建设、提升图书馆员信息素养、探索跨界合作服务等建议。

【Abstract】 This paper analyzes the characteristics of New Media Consortium Horizon Report(2015Library Edition)and the contrast and core of reports over the years,and emphasizes global issues in technology planning and decision-making in the next five years.This paper highlights the key trends of increasing accessibility of research content and rethinking library spaces,rapid development of scholarly record and Increased focus on research data management and increased focus on users’ experience and prioritization of mobile content and delivery.The six key challenges are embedding academic and research libraries in the curriculum,improving digital literacy,competition from alternative avenues of discovery,rethinking the roles and skills of librarians,embracing the need for radical change and managing knowledge obsolescence.The six important technologies refers to makerspaces,online learning,information visualization,semantic web and linked data,location intelligence and machine learning.Meanwhile,this paper puts forward some suggestions over several fields such as the dialectical view of the report,the active application of new technology,the construction of new learning infrastructure,the development and integration of high quality resources,the development of library data support and the enhancement of librarians’ comprehensive ability,explore cross boundary service.

【关键词】 地平线报告(2015图书馆版); 应用新技术; 整合优质资源; 知识服务; 信息素养; 跨界合作服务;

【Key words】 Horizon Report(2015Library Edition); Application of new technologies; Integration of high quality resources; Knowledge service; Digital literacy; Explore cross boundary service;

【基金】 安徽省重大教学研究项目“高校公共实验课程绩效评价系统的开发和应用研究”(2014ZDJY062);安徽省高校人文社会科学研究重点项目“中美全科医学人文素质教育比较研究”(SK2016A059);安徽省高校人文社会科学研究重点项目“TPACK与卓越教师能力培养深度融合机制研究”(SK2014A374)的成果之一

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