Interpretations on the updates of American Joint Committee on cancer staging system(8th edition)for thyroid cancer

【作者】 孙威贺亮张浩

【Author】 SUN Wei;HE Liang;ZHANG Hao;Department of Thyroid Surgery,the First Hospital of China Medical University;

【机构】 中国医科大学附属第一医院甲状腺外科

【摘要】 以肿瘤原发灶(T)、区域淋巴结转移(N)以及远隔转移(M)为基本组成的美国癌症联合委员会(American Joint Committee on Cancer,AJCC)甲状腺癌分期系统是目前世界范围内提供甲状腺癌预后信息,评估甲状腺癌预后分期重要的参考标准之一。AJCC第8版甲状腺癌分期系统与第7版相比,将分化型甲状腺癌分期所需的诊断年龄切点值从45岁增加至55岁;重新定义了T3分期及未分化癌的T分期;将Ⅶ区淋巴结转移从颈侧方淋巴结转移(N1b)划分至中央区淋巴结转移(N1a);修改了分化型甲状腺癌、未分化癌TNM的分期。全新的TNM分期系统不仅对甲状腺癌的手术治疗具有重要的指导意义,还为病人的预后评估提供了重要的参考依据。

【Abstract】 American Joint Committee on Cancer(AJCC)thyroid cancer staging system,mainly consisting of the primary tumor(T),regional lymph node metastasis(N) and distant metastasis(M),is one of the most important prognostic staging systems worldwide to provide prognostic information and evaluate prognosis for thyroid cancer. In this article,we introduced the updates and interpretations of AJCC cancer staging system(8th edition) for thyroid cancer compared to the 7th edition,which consists of increasing the age at diagnosis cutoff value used for staging from 45 years to 55 years for differentiated thyroid cancer(DTC),changing the definition of T3 stage and the anaplastic thyroid cancer(ATC) T stage,changing the VII lymph node metastasis from N1b to N1a,revising the TNM staging of DTC and ATC. The new staging system not only plays an important role in the surgical treatments,but also is of great significance in evaluating the prognosis for thyroid cancer patients.

【关键词】 甲状腺癌; 美国癌症联合委员会; 癌症分期系统;

【Key words】 thyroid cancer; American Joint Committee on Cancer; cancer staging system;


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