A Study on the Relationship between Opinion Leaders and Online Group Influence Based on Social Network Analysis

【作者】 刘嘉琪齐佳音陈曼仪

【Author】 LIU Jia-qi;QI Jia-yin;CHEN Man-yi;School of Economic Management, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications;Key Laboratory of Trustworthy Distributed Computing and Service ,Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications;School of Business Administration,Shanghai University of International Business and Economics;

【机构】 北京邮电大学经济管理学院北京邮电大学可信分布式计算与服务教育部重点实验室上海对外经贸大学工商管理学院

【摘要】 【目的/意义】随着在线社交网络的蓬勃发展,作为信息传播主体的在线群体逐渐受到人们的关注。然而意见领袖作为在线群体中的关键角色,其在在线群体发挥影响力的过程中起到的作用尚未被深入探讨。【方法/过程】本文利用社会网络研究方法和计量经济学建模法,以雪球网为实证研究平台,创新性地对在线群体内部影响力和外部影响力进行区分并度量。对比分析意见领袖、普通节点与在线群体影响力间的关系,同时,对研究结论的实践与理论启示进行说明。【结果/结论】意见领袖行为对群体内部成员非常重要,其强大的影响力和权威度可以增强群体内部影响力。然而对于缺乏共同兴趣和情感驱动的群体外部节点而言,它们并不具有明显的号召力,其高活跃度反而可能引起外部节点的抵触情绪,对群体发挥外部影响力和信息传播产生负向效用。

【Abstract】 【Purpose/significance】With the emergence and flourish of online social networks,as a subject of informationtransmission, online group has gradually been concerned about. However, the key role of opinion leaders playing in the pro-cess of online group has not yet been explored.【Method/process】This paper proposes a new model to measure online groupinfluence from external and internal innovatively via an empirical research, with the data from, through socialnetwork research methods and econometric models. The relationship among opinion leaders, common nodes and onlinegroup influence is also analyzed. And the paper discusses the management implications and practical value of the research.【Result/conclusion】The results show that opinion leaders’ behaviors are very important to internal members. The strong in-fluence and authority of opinion leaders greatly enhance online group internal influence. However, external nodes are proneto the Transfinite Effect due to the lack of common interest and emotion driven. For them, instead of exerting obvious ap-peal to them, high activity of opinion leaders even cause their conflict emotion to some extent, producing negative effect.

【关键词】 在线群体内部影响力; 在线群体外部影响力; 意见领袖; 在线社交网络;

【Key words】 online group internal influence; online group external influence; opinion leaders; online social network;

【基金】 国家自然科学基金项目(91546121;71231002);北京邮电大学博士生创新基金资助项目(CX2017201);国家社会科学基金重大项目(16ZDA055)

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