On the Legal Protection of Personal Data in Big Data Environment

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【作者】 罗娇

【Author】 Luo Jiao;National Science Library,Chinese Academy of Sciences;

【机构】 中国科学院文献情报中心

【摘要】 文章采用比较研究、案例研究等方法,分析各国对个人信息保护的权利路径及其在大数据环境下面临的困境,认为以财产权、人格权、隐私权、姓名权、肖像权、信息自决权、形象权、被遗忘权等单一权利路径,均难以妥善解决大数据环境下个人信息保护与利用之间的冲突。建议突破单一权利路径,以"信息控制"为核心保护信息主体的知情、决定、保密、访问、更正、删除、传输、封锁等权利,并建立数据管理政策、利用技术手段落实个人信息的保护。

【Abstract】 This paper using comparative research, case studies and other methods, by analyzing the protection of personal data in various countries and summarizing its dilemma in big data environment, finds that it is difficult to protect personal data through a single right such as the right of property, personality, privacy, name, portrait, information self-determination, forgotten and publicity right. Therefore, this paper suggests protecting the rights to know, decided, confidentiality, access, correct, deletes, transmission and blockade by makeing "information control" as the core, and suggests improving the protection of personal data with the help of data managers’ policy also.

【关键词】 大数据; 个人信息; 法律保护;

【Key words】 Big data; Personal data; Legal protection;

【基金】 国家社会科学基金青年项目“图书馆数字化服务的著作权问题及其解决方案研究”(项目编号:17CTQ037)的研究成果之一

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