Visualization Analysis on the Research Hotspot and Frontier of International Date Mining

【作者】 赵蓉英余波

【Author】 Zhao Rongying;Yu Bo;Research Center for Chinese Science Evaluation,Wuhan University;Center for Studies of Information Resources,Wuhan University;School of Information Management,Wuhan University;

【机构】 武汉大学中国科学评价研究中心武汉大学信息资源研究中心武汉大学信息管理学院

【摘要】 为全面了解国际图书情报学数据挖掘领域的研究热点和前沿趋势,以Web of Science数据库收录的2007-2016年数据领域的文献数据为研究对象,通过CiteSpace软件,结合文献计量学和可视化方法,从年度分布、期刊分布、研究力量分布、重要文献、研究热点以及前沿等方面进行分析。研究发现,国际数据挖掘研究出现了网络与计算机技术、数据挖掘方法、数据挖掘与管理、数据挖掘与应用四大聚类。研究前沿探测出3个发展时期,每个时期的热点都有特色。根据上述研究绘制该领域知识图谱,对国际数据挖掘的研究现状和发展趋势进行分析和总结,为我国数据挖掘研究提供参考。

【Abstract】 In order to understand the progress of Date Mining research,published articles on Date Mining during 2007-2016,which were recorded in the database of WOS,were chosen to be analyzed in this paper. By applying the method of bibliometric and Visualization,the paper analyzed the research status in this area according to the time,journals,disciplines,the research power,important literatures,research focus and frontiers through CiteSpace. The study found that there are four clusters of international data mining research: network and computer technology,data mining method,data mining and management,data mining and application. Research front detected three development periods,each period had its own hot spots. Based on the knowledge map,the research status and development of international Date Mining were analyzed and summarized,which in order to provide reference for the researching about the Date Mining in our country.

【关键词】 数据挖掘; 热点; 前沿; 可视化分析; 知识图谱;

【Key words】 data mining; hotspot; frontier; visualization analysis; knowledge mapping;

【基金】 国家社会科学基金项目“中国学者国际学术论文影响力评价研究”(项目编号:16BTQ055)

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