A Study on User ’s Continuance Intention of Paid-knowledge Application

【作者】 赵保国姚瑶

【Author】 Zhao Baoguo;Yao Yao;

【机构】 北京邮电大学经济管理学院

【摘要】 随着移动互联网的大爆发,在消费升级和分享经济的大背景下,各类知识付费APP的出现,为用户提供了知识交换、自由讨论和提升知识储备的崭新渠道。文章在期望确认理论、感知成本理论和持续使用相关理论的基础上,结合内容付费APP的特点,构建了用户持续使用内容付费APP意愿影响因素的理论模型。结果表明期望确认程度、感知有用性、主观参照、满意度正向影响用户对知识付费APP的持续使用意愿,感知成本对持续使用意愿的影响并不显著。最后,根据研究结果,对知识付费APP的运营者提供了培养用户的付费习惯与版权意识、保证内容与付费相匹配、加强媒体公关等建议。

【Abstract】 With the growth of the mobile Internet,in the background of consumption upgrading and sharing economy,all kinds of paid-content APPs are growing up,which provides new channels of knowledge exchange,free discussion and knowledge base expanding. This paper carries on systematic analysis to study user ’ s continuance intention of paidknowledge APPs with the method of the expectation confirmation theory, perceived cost theory, and sustained use theory. The results indicate that expectation confirmation,perceived usefulness,subjective norm,and satisfaction have positive impacts on the paid-knowledge APPs continuance intention. On the contrary, perceived cost is insignificant. Finally,the authors propose three recommendations to the APPs conductors.

【关键词】 持续使用意愿; 知识付费APP; 影响因素;

【Key words】 continuance intention; paid-knowledge APPs; influence factors;

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