Application research on chronic diseases factor analysis with Diet Balance Index

【作者】 杨永清刘艳丽邓健董伯森赵芳

【Author】 YANG Yongqing;LIU Yanli;DENG Jian;DONG Bose;ZHAO Fang;Handan City Center for Disease Control and Prevention;

【机构】 邯郸市疾病预防控制中心邯郸职业技术学院

【摘要】 目的建立中国膳食平衡指数与慢性病因素分析相结合的关联分析方法,为改善人群营养和健康状况、制定相关政策和疾病防治措施提供科学依据。方法对邯郸市邯山区6个居委会、180户家庭进行3 d 24 h膳食回顾和全家调味品称重调查,同时进行血压、血糖和血脂检测。结果对调查人群的膳食与营养相关性数据进行多因素logistic回归分析,证实鱼虾和食用油的摄入都是高血压的危险因素(OR=1.015、1.014,P<0.05);盐的摄入是血脂异常的危险因素(OR=1.065,P<0.05)。去除膳食平衡指数最优模式人群,对膳食不足与膳食过量的人群进行多因素logistic回归分析,证实鱼虾和食用油、畜禽肉类及盐的摄入分别是高血压、糖尿病和血脂异常的危险因素(OR=1.012、1.049、1.005、1.066,P<0.05)。结论当地居民慢性病的危险因素是高盐、高脂等不健康饮食,同时验证了膳食平衡指数评价后的慢性病因素分析方法的科学、灵敏与适用性。

【Abstract】 Objective This study was aimed to establish a method applicable to the chronic disease factor analysis combined with Diet Balance Index(DBI) in order to provide basis and reference for nutrition improvement and policy making. Methods Data of completed 3 days dietary information and basic information were obtained from the 180 families in 6 communities in Hanshan District of Handan. Meanwhile their blood pressure,blood glucose and blood lipids were detected respectively. Results The result of multiple factor logistic regression model showed that the seafood and oil intake were the risk factors to hypertension(OR= 1. 015,1. 014,P < 0. 05),while the salt was the risk factor to abnormal blood lipids(OR = 1. 065,P < 0. 05). The seafood and oil,by-products of livestock and poultry and salt intake were the risk factors to hypertension,diabetes and abnormal blood lipids respectively without the information of 8 adults who had a balance diet(OR = 1. 012,1. 049,1. 005,1. 066,P < 0. 05).Conclusion The mainly risk factors to chronic disease were unhealthy diet for high level intake of salt and lipids. The method of chronic disease factor analysis combined with Diet Balance Index(DBI) was proved to be more scientific,sensitive and applicative.

【关键词】 膳食平衡指数; 慢性病; 危险因素;

【Key words】 Diet Balance Index; Chronic disease; Risk factor;


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