Research on the Haze Public Opinions Based on Sentiment Analysis and Social Network Analysis to Microblogging Data

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【作者】 何跃朱婷婷

【Author】 HE Yue;ZHU Ting-ting;Business School of Sichuan University;

【机构】 四川大学商学院

【摘要】 【目的/意义】近年来雾霾天气日益严重,如何通过对雾霾情感及雾霾信息传播特点的研究为雾霾事件情绪预警、情绪监控提供支持,同时正确引导公众情绪等问题亟待解决。【方法/过程】文章以2015年北京新浪微博用户所发布的"雾霾"话题信息作为研究对象,数据预处理后,构建出一个基于朴素贝叶斯的两层分类器对原始微文进行情感分析,并利用Gephi平台对其评论信息进行社会网络分析。【结果/结论】得出五类群体:政府、媒体、自媒体、企业和普通公众对雾霾的情感态度,同时结合雾霾舆情信息的社会网络特点,提出了雾霾情绪管理与疏导,以及如何正确引导公众关注点、控制网络舆情的相关建议。

【Abstract】 【Purpose/significance】In recent years, the haze has become more and more serious. The problem that how to study users’ emotion and the propagation characteristics of haze information information for haze events emotional early warning, providing support to emotional monitoring, and correctly guiding public sentiment is truly urgent.【 Methods/processes】This paper took the information about weibo topic"haze"of Beijing users in 2015 for this study. After data preprocessing, the article built a two-layer emotion classifier based on naive Bayes classifier algorithm to do sentiment analysis,and used social networking platform Gephi for the comments analysis.【Results/conclusions】Finally got the five groups’ :the government, the media, we media, business and the general public attitudes towards the haze and put forward the means of haze anger management and counseling, as well as the suggestions about how to correctly guide public concerns and control the network public opinions.

【关键词】 微博; 数据挖掘; 雾霾舆情; 情感分析; 社会网络分析;

【Key words】 microblog; data mining; haze public opinion; sentiment analysis; social network analysis;

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