A review of JPN guidelines for the management of acute pancreatitis(2015)

【作者】 杨尹默陈依然

【Author】 YANG Yin-mo;CHEN Yi-ran;Department of Surgery,Beijing University First Hospital;

【机构】 北京大学第一医院外科

【摘要】 《日本急性胰腺炎治疗指南》发表于2006年,2010年进行了修订。结合2013年对亚特拉大分类重新评价的国际共识,2015年日本再次对其指南进行了更新修订。《日本急性胰腺炎治疗指南(2015)》针对17项与诊治相关的临床领域,以循证医学为指导原则,设计了39个临床具体问题及43条推荐意见。针对抗生素的预防性应用、胰管支架留置在预防内镜逆行胰胆管造影(ERCP)后胰腺炎中的作用、非甾体抗炎药物在预防ERCP后胰腺炎中的作用、腹腔灌洗对改善病人预后的作用等4个课题重新进行了荟萃分析。《日本急性胰腺炎治疗指南(2015)》较为全面地总结概括了急性胰腺炎临床诊治的指导原则,反映了急性胰腺炎治疗现状与进展,值得参考、学习和借鉴。

【Abstract】 JPN guidelines for the management of acutepancreatitis was published in 2006 and revised in 2010.Following the 2012 revision of the Atlanta Classifications ofAcute Pancreatitis, JPN guidelines was revised again in 2015.In Japanese guidelines 2015, thirty-nine questions wereprepared in 17 subject areas, for which 43 recommendationswere made. Meta-analysis was conducted in the following foursubject areas based on randomized controlled trials:(1)prophylactic antibiotics use;(2) prophylactic pancreatic stentplacement for the prevention of post-ERCP pancreatitis;(3)prophylactic non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs(NSAIDs)for the prevention of post-ERCP pancreatitis; and(4)peritoneal lavage. JPN guidelines 2015 achieve furtherevolutions with new evidence from meta-analysis data andcontain a lot of recommendations using the GRADE system.

【关键词】 急性胰腺炎; 指南;

【Key words】 acute pancreatitis; guidelines;


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