Research on the Development Trend of Network Public Opinion at Home and Abroad in the Social Media Environment

【作者】 王晰巍邢云菲张柳李师萌

【Author】 Wang Xiwei;Xing Yunfei;Zhang Liu;Li Shimeng;School of Management, Jilin University;Big Data Management Research Center, Jilin University;

【机构】 吉林大学管理学院吉林大学大数据管理研究中心

【摘要】 文章通过搜集国内外关于社交媒体环境下网络舆情的相关文献,运用文献分析、定量分析和知识图谱方法,对国内外社交媒体环境下的网络舆情起源和发展、国内外研究热点、研究方法进行对比和可视化分析。从研究发展态势看,关于社交媒体环境下的网络舆情研究成果数量正呈逐年递增态势。从研究热点看,国外研究主要围绕社交媒体环境下的网络舆情用户行为、不同社交媒体的舆情传播特征等方面;国内研究主要围绕社交媒体网络舆情信息传播、社交媒体网络舆情演化规律等方面。此领域未来的研究趋势主要围绕社交媒体环境下网络舆情的大数据分析方法和移动社交媒体环境下的网络舆情传播等。

【Abstract】 This paper collects domestic and foreign relevant papers about Internet public opinion and uses documen-tal analysis, quantitative research and knowledge graph to make a comparative and visual analysis of domestic and for-eign Internet public opinion from origins and development, hotspot trends and methods. As for research trend, it showsthat the number of papers about Internet public opinion in social media era is increasing year by year. Furthermore, inthe sight of hotspot, research abroad chiefly about users’ behavior and propagation characteristic of Internet publicopinion in different social media. While domestic research mainly focus on propagation and evolution laws of Internetpublic opinion in social media. In the future, big data analysis method of Internet public opinion in social media era andInternet public opinion propagation in the mobile context will be the frontier issues in its research development.

【关键词】 社交媒体; 网络舆情; 发展动态;

【Key words】 social media; network public opinion; development trend;

【基金】 国家自然科学基金面上项目“信息生态视角下新媒体信息消费行为机理及服务模式创新研究”(编号:71673108);“吉林大学高峰学科(群)建设项目”的研究成果之一

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