The Status,Problems and Countermeasures of the Big Data of Health Care in China

【作者】 许培海黄匡时

【Author】 XU Pei-hai;HUANG Kuang-shi;China Population and Development Research Center;

【机构】 中国人口与发展研究中心

【摘要】 在厘清健康医疗大数据的基本概念和基本特征基础上,对我国健康医疗大数据的现状和问题进行了分析,最后形成政策建议。健康医疗大数据泛指与健康和生命有关的所有数据,涵盖从出生、婴幼儿保健、疫苗注射、入学体检、工作体检、就诊、住院、饮食、运动、睡眠、死亡等全生命周期各个生命历程所产生的数据,具有海量性、多态性、微观性、隐私性、追踪性、全面性、冗余性等特征。当前我国健康医疗大数据发展具有良好基础,但存在数据缺乏互联互通、非临床健康数据缺乏、全生命周期追踪数据缺乏、数据隐私保护堪忧等问题。为此,需要全面加快健康医疗大数据基础工程建设,促进健康医疗大数据应用体系建设,积极推动互联网健康医疗发展,大力推进健康医疗大数据科研应用,全力打造健康医疗服务新业态。

【Abstract】 Based on the clarification and introduction of the basic concepts and characteristics of health care big data, this paper analyzes the current situation and problems of Chinese health and medical big data, and finally proposes the policy recommendations. This paper argues that health big data refers to all the data related to the health and life, which covers the data produced during the whole life cycle, including the data of birth, infant care, vaccinations, physical examination, treatment, hospitalization, diet, exercise, sleep, and death. This study also argues that the health big data has the characteristics of massiveness, polymorphism, microcosm, privacy, traceability, completeness, and redundancy. Currently, the development of our health data has a solid foundation, but there are still some worrying problems, including that lack of tracking data, data interoperability, non-clinical health data, and data privacy protection. Therefore, we need to accelerate the health database construction, promote the application system construction of medical health big data, actively promote the healthy development of Internet+ medical, vigorously promote research applications of the health big data, and create a new form of health care services.

【关键词】 健康医疗; 大数据; 健康档案; 电子病历;

【Key words】 health care; big data; health records; electronic medical records;


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