Re-discussion of Ten Hot Topics in the Development of Librarianship

【作者】 吴建中

【Author】 WU Jianzhong;

【摘要】 2002年,本文作者在《中国图书馆学报》上发表了《中国图书馆发展的十个热点问题》一文。十五年来,社会、经济和技术环境的巨大变化深刻影响着图书馆事业的发展。本文在综合考量环境变化和转型发展的基础上,尝试对影响图书馆发展的热门话题再做一次全面梳理,提出图书馆与社会发展、识字与素养、空间再造、人工智能、数字人文、开放运动、公共数字文化与精准扶贫、图书馆改革、第三代图书馆以及"一带一路"与图书馆国际化等十个新话题。

【Abstract】 In 2002 the author published Ten Hot Issues in the Development of Chinese Librarianship in the Journal of Library Science in China.Over the past 15 years,the dramatic changes in the social,economic and technical environment have a great impact on the development of librarianship.Based on the comprehensive consideration of environmental changes as well as transformation and development,this paper aims at making an overview of hot topics about development of librarianship and concludes ten hot topics:the library and social development,literacy,space reconstruction,artificial intelligence,digital humanities,open access movement,public digital culture and targeted poverty alleviation,library reforms,the third-generation library,the Belt and Road Initiatives and the internationalization of libraries.Although hot topics are often transient,the ten topics discussed in this paper will exert an effect on librarianship for quite a long time.The topics begin with the library and social development,and end with the Belt and Road Initiatives and the internationalization of libraries,which are about the relationship between the library and society.Literacy,the recent focus of contention in the library community,is associated with the definition of core activities of the library,service goals,and extension of actives.The author suggests that the library should extend its activities towards developing diversified literacy including reading instead of putting emphasis solely on reading.Space reconstruction and digitalization have been hot issues since the beginning of 21st century.Space reconstruction highlights the library’s space value on which the library community has reached consensus in recent years,and many successful cases and innovativepractices have come forth.Digitalization involves more,including artificial intelligence,digital humanities,open access movement,public digital culture and targeted poverty alleviation,among which the greatest common divisor is digitalization.This paper also puts forward reflections on the development patterns of digital library.Library reforms and the third-generation library are associated with the transition.Oriented towards the future,the ten topics explore the development of librarianship.In the short term,the library should provide fundamental and knowledge-based public services to realize the comprehensive well-off.In the long term,the library should provide support in knowledge and information for the development of society,especially for the all-round development of human beings.As a public cultural institution,the library must develop in accord with society.The ten topics discussed are not logically accurate and somewhat subjective in the selection of contents.Analyses of some issues are not thorough out of consideration for the balance of topics.

【关键词】 图书馆事业; 图书馆转型; 数字图书馆;

【Key words】 Librarianship; Library transition; Digital library;

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