The Research Status and Enlightenment of the User Profile in the Library Field at Abroad

【作者】 陈慧香邵波

【Author】 Chen Huixiang;Shao Bo;

【机构】 南京大学信息管理学院南京大学图书馆

【摘要】 用户画像是大数据时代实现精准服务的工具之一。图书馆拥有庞大的用户群和海量的数据,利用好用户画像可以帮助图书馆员了解用户,为用户提供精准服务。文章探讨了国外图书馆领域用户画像的研究现状,从定义与组成、算法与技术、模型构建、实践应用、问题与策略等5个方面作了详细的阐述。借鉴国外图书馆领域用户画像的发展经验,文章提出国内图书馆应用用户画像的思路。

【Abstract】 User profile is one of the tools to realize accurate service in the era of big data.The library has many users and a large amount of data.Making use of user profile can help librarians understand users and provide accurate services for users.The article discusses the research status about the user profile in the library field at abroad.The research status includes the definition and composition,algorithms and technologies,construction of the model,practical applications,problems and strategies.Learning from the development of user profile in foreign libraries,the article proposes some ideas of the application of user profile in domestic libraries.

【关键词】 用户画像; 图书馆; 精准服务; 用户需求; 用户偏好;

【Key words】 user profile; library; precision service; user requirement; user preference;

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