A Study on the Subject Service of Domestic University Libraries Under the Policy of Double First-rate

【作者】 涂文菠

【Author】 TU Wen-bo;Chongqing VIP Information Co.Ltd.;

【机构】 重庆维普资讯有限公司

【摘要】 国内高校图书馆在学科服务领域的发展至今收效甚微。随着"双一流"政策的逐步落实,高校图书馆应当围绕提高本校优势学科影响力来开展服务工作。文章从理论角度分析高校图书馆在学科服务的过程中,如何起到服务于学科建设的本质作用。结合新的政策背景,对高校图书馆如何开展学科评估、学科情报及学科联盟三项工作展开探讨,为高校图书馆在建设一流学科的环境中实现可持续发展提供参考。

【Abstract】 Domestic university library development has little effect in the field of subject service. With the gradual implementation of the policy of Double First-rate,university library should focus on improving the influence to our advantage disciplines to carry out the service work. This paper,from the perspective of theory,analyzes how university library plays the essential role of construction in the process of subject service. Combined with the background of new policy,this paper discusses how university library develops discipline evaluation,intelligence and disciplines union. It also provides reference for sustainable development in the environment of first-rate disciplines.

【关键词】 双一流; 学科服务; 学科评估; 学科建设;

【Key words】 Double First-rate; subject service; subject evaluation; subject construction;

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