Traditional Chinese Medicine Will Make New Contributions to Mankind in Treating Sub_Health Conditions in the 21th Century

【作者】 王琦

【Author】 Wang Qi (The Office of China News of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing 100027)

【机构】 中国中医药报社!北京100027

【摘要】 亚健康状态是新世纪人类医学的重大命题 ,世界上有 60 %的人群处于亚健康状态 ,亚健康状态已成为普遍的社会问题。中医学“上工治未病”的思想和中医体质学、心身医学及纯自然的药物疗法、非药物疗法和保健品开发等 ,在诊断、预防、治疗亚健康状态方面有着丰富多彩的理论和方法 ,是中医学对未来世界人类健康作出贡献的重要领域 ,这不仅将对中医学术发展带来新的拓展空间 ,而且也必将对整个世界医学的进化与发展产生重大影响。

【Abstract】 Sub_health Conditions are a medical subject of great importance for mankind in the new century. At present, 60% of the populations in the world suffer from Sub_health Conditions, and this has become a ubiquitous social problem. In the field of study and treatment of Sub_health Conditions, the traditional Chinese medicine can make great and important contributions to the health of mankind, because it possesses many theories and methods for diagnosing, preventing and treating Sub_health Conditions, including the concept of treating "potential diseases", theoretical systems of human constitution doctrine and psychosomatic medicine, therapies of pure natural remedies, non_drug therapies, and the health products developed according to traditional Chinese medical theory and practice. In this regard, the traditional Chinese medicine will not only expand its academic space but will also greatly influence the evolution and development of medicine worldwide.

【关键词】 中医学; 亚健康状态; 诊断; 预防; 治疗;

【Key words】 Traditional Chinese Medicine; Sub-Health Conditions; Diagnosis; Prevention; Treatment;


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