Mechanism of cataractogensis and the therapy by anti-cataract medicals

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【作者】 李德馨王思玲苏德森

【Author】 Li DE-xin, WANG Si-ling, SU De-sen (School of Pharmacy, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, Shenyang 1100016, China)

【机构】 沈阳药科大学药学院沈阳药科大学药学院 辽宁沈阳110016辽宁沈阳110016辽宁沈阳110016

【摘要】 目的综述白内障的发病机制以及白内障治疗药物的发展近况。方法通过查阅近年来国内外公开发表的有关研究论文 ,按照白内障的种类对其发病机制分类汇总 ,并对治疗药物研究近况进行综述。结果与结论老年性白内障的形成是诸多因素共同作用的结果 ,它和辐射性白内障都与晶状体的氧化损伤密切相关 ;糖尿病性白内障可由渗透压机理、糖基化反应和还原糖自氧化学说解释 ;而先天性白内障的发病机制还不很清楚 ,随着对白内障形成机理的研究不断深入 ,抗白内障药物的研究和开发越来越具有针对性。

【Abstract】 Objective This review focused on the mechanism of cataract formation, and then gave an overview of the development of current anti-cataract medicals. Methods Papers reported in journals that had been consulted in recent years were studied, and then these papers were classifed by the types of cataract. Results and Conclusion The formation of the age-related cataract is a coeHicient of many factors. As well as the case of the radiation cataract, this is closely related to the oxidative stress of the crystal. The formation of diabetes-associated cataract can be explained by osmotic stress, the maillard reaction and auto-oxidation of reductive sugar. And the mechanism of congenital cataract was still unknown. Nowdays, the studies of anti-cataract drugs tend to be more and more purposeful.

【关键词】 白内障; 发病机制; 抗白内障药物;

【Key words】 cataract formation; mechanism; anti-cataract drug;


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