【作者】 刘少飞胡素銮陈仁辉

【机构】 汕头大学医学院第二附属医院

【摘要】 目的探讨高血压患者鼻出血的护理经验。方法回顾性分析和总结60例高血压患者鼻出血的护理经过。结果本组患者治愈率100,住院时间5.8d,无1例发生窒息。结论做好心理护理、生活护理和鼻填塞护理,密切观察出血征兆和健康教育指导不但能有效地预防鼻出血引起窒息的发生,而且还能缩短患者的住院时间,提高治疗效果。

【Abstract】 Objective To observe the nursing experience in caring for hypertensive patients with hemorrhinia.Method The nursing process for 60 hypertensive patients with hemorrhinia were retrospectively analyzed and summarized.Result The cure rate was 100% with 5.8 inpatient days and no patients suffocated.Conclusion Psychological nursing,life care and nasal stuffiness nursing,closely observing signs and health education guidance not only effectively prevent the occurrence of suffocation,but also shorten the inpatient time and improve the treatment effect.

【关键词】 高血压; 鼻出血; 窒息; 护理;

【Key words】 hypertension; hemorrhinia; suffocation; nursing;


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