The Update of Pathogenesis and Treatment for Peptic Ulcer

【作者】 胡伏莲

【Author】 HU Fu-lian.Peking University first Hospital,Beijing 100034,China

【机构】 北京大学第一医院

【摘要】 消化性溃疡的发病机理十分复杂,自从发现幽门螺杆菌(Helicobacterpylori,下称Hp)以来,人们对Hp发病机理的认识和治疗策略上都发生了根本性变化,为了阐明消化性溃疡的发病机理和治疗新理念,本文从以下几个问题进行讨论:(1)"溃疡愈合"和"溃疡治愈"与溃疡愈合质量关系;(2)Hp发现是消化性溃疡病因学和治疗学上的一场革命,根除Hp才能降低或预防溃疡复发;(3)保护胃及十二指肠黏膜屏障是治疗消化性溃疡最基本的手段;(4)消化性溃疡治疗新策略应该是:保护胃黏膜;抑制胃酸;根除Hp。希望对读者在对消化性溃疡发病机理的认识和治疗原则上有所指导。

【Abstract】 The pathogenesis of peptic ulcer is complicated.Since the discovery of Helicobacter pylori,the pathogenesis and treatment strategy of peptic ulcer have undergone fundamental changes.For the better understanding of the latest development,this paper will discuss it from the following four aspects.(1)The Recovery from the ulcer disease is closely related to the quality of ulcer healing.(2)The discovery of H.Pylori was a revolution for the etiology and treatment of peptic ulcer disease.The eradication of H.pylori can reduce or prevent the recurrence of peptic ulcer disease.(3)To protect the mucosal barrier of stomach and duodenum is the most basic means of treatment of peptic ulcer.(4)The new strategy of treatment of peptic ulcer should be as follows:protection of gastric mucosa,inhibiting of gastric acid and eradication of H.pylori.

【关键词】 消化性溃疡; 幽门螺扞菌; 胃黏膜屏障; 胃酸;

【Key words】 peptic ulcer; H.pylori; mucosal barrier of stomach; gastric acid;


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