Guideline and current status on prevention and treatment of intracerebral hemorrhage

【作者】 宋水江戴加勇汤永国

【Author】 SONG Shui-jiang;DAI Jia-rong;TANG Yong-guo;Department of Neurology,the Second Hospital of Zhejiang University Medical College;

【机构】 浙江大学医学院附属第二医院神经科

【摘要】 美国心脏协会(AHA)和美国卒中学会(ASA)制定的《自发性脑出血诊疗指南》发表已逾3年,但临床医生对于脑出血指南的重视程度远不如缺血性脑血管病指南。目前有关脑出血的防治现状与指南存在较大差距。文章通过对现状的分析,对照指南的要求,希望能使中国脑出血的治疗更符合指南的精神,使更多脑出血患者从治疗中获益。

【Abstract】 The AHA/ASA guideline for intracerebral hemorrhage has been published nearly 2 years,however,the clinicians pay much less attention to it than the guideline of cerebral ischemia.At present there’s big gaps between the status of control for intracerebral hemorrhage and guideline.Based on the analysis of current situation,comparing with the requirements of guideline,we hope to make the treatment of intracerebral hemorrhage in our country accord with the principle of guideline,making more patients benefit from the treatment.

【关键词】 脑出血; 止血药; 脑水肿; 深静脉血栓; 抗凝;

【Key words】 intracerebral hemorrhage; hemostatic durg; brain edema; deepvenous thrombosis; unticoagulatin;


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