Clinical Application and Development Trend of cochlear implants

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【作者】 卢伟雷一波范凯慧

【Author】 LU Wei;LEI Yi-bo;FAN Kai-hui;The First Afflicated Hospital of Zhengzhou University;

【机构】 郑州大学第一附属医院耳科

【摘要】 人工耳蜗是一种可以帮助听力障碍人士恢复听力和言语交流能力的生物医学工程装置。近年来随着科技的不断发展和完善,人工耳蜗植入技术已日趋成熟,其临床应用逐渐普及。明确其手术适应症及选择合适的手术方式是确保术后听觉言语康复及降低并发症的重要前提。本文仅就人工耳蜗植入的应用现状及其未来的发展趋势作简要介绍。

【Abstract】 Cochlear is a biomedical engineering devices which can help hearing impaired person restore hearing and speech communication skills.In recent years,with the continuous development of technology, the improvement of cochlear implant technology has been matured and its clinical application becomes more popular.Clarify its surgical indications and select the appropriate surgical approach is an important prerequisite to ensure the hearing and speech rehabilitation and reduce postoperative complications.This paper reviewed the application status of cochlear implant and its future trends briefly.

【关键词】 人工耳蜗; 人工耳蜗植入; 医疗器械;

【Key words】 cochlear; cochlear implant; medical devices;


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