Pharmaceutical care and integrated pharmaceutical care

【作者】 胡晋红蔡溱孙华君

【Author】 HU Jin-hong,CAI Zhen,SUN Hua-jun(Department of Pharmacy,Changhai Hospital,Second Military Medical University,Shanghai 200433,China)

【机构】 第二军医大学长海医院药学部第二军医大学长海医院药学部 上海200433上海200433

【摘要】 药学服务是药师所提供的以提高病人生活质量为目的,以合理药物治疗为中心的相关服务。全程化药学服务是在整个医疗卫生保健过程中,在任何场所,在预防保健、药物治疗之前和过程中以及愈后恢复等任何时期,围绕提高生活质量这一既定目标,直接为公众提供的负责任的、与药物相关的服务。该服务不仅由药师个人实施,而且更需要通过集体合作完成。本文对药学服务的产生、发展、特点、要求,及其与临床药学的关系进行了介绍。通过对我国药学服务现状和影响因素的分析,详细阐述了全程化药学服务的内涵,以促进我国临床药师的培养和药学服务的发展。

【Abstract】 Pharmaceutical care is rational drug treatment-centered service which is provided by pharmacists for the purpose of enhancing patients’ quality of life.Integrated pharmaceutical care is responsible,drug-related pharmaceutical service provided to the public for the purpose of enhancing patients’ quality of life anywhere and anytime,including the whole procedure of health care,medical treatment as well as recovery.This service is not conducted by a single pharmacist,but completed by cooperation of all the pharmacists.Its establishment,development,characteristics,requirements and relationship with clinical pharmacy are introduced.Through analysis of current situation and influencing factors of pharmaceutical care in China,the concept of integrated pharmaceutical care is explained in detail in order to promote the training of clinical pharmacists and the development of pharmaceutical care.

【关键词】 药学服务; 临床药学; 药剂师;

【Key words】 pharmaceutical care; clinical pharmacy; pharmacists;


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