Psychic stress and nursing strategies for patient with elective operation

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【作者】 崔东辰耿军

【Author】 Cui Dong-chen;Geng Jun (Fourth affiliated hospital of Hebei Medical college, Shijiazhuang, Hebei. China 050011)

【机构】 河北医学院第四医院

【摘要】 观察了600例普通外科、泌尿外科及妇科的择期性手术病人的心理应激反应的一般特点和变化规律,以及采用以提供程序性和感觉性信息为主,以其他方法为辅的心理护理措施对手术病人应激反应产生影响。其中实验组300例、两个对照组各150例。结果表明:(1)病人入院后,随着手术时间的逼近,应激反应逐渐加剧,手术前夜的焦虑、恐惧与血压水平显著升高;手术开始后则急剧下降;病人术后所感受到的疼痛、痛苦与不适显著高于术中。(2)实验组在手术前夜、术中及术后的各项心理指标的应激反应水平显著低于两个对照组(P<0.05,P<0.01,P<0.001),显示了心理护理的积极影响。结果说明本法对维护手术病人康宁具有一定的实用价值。

【Abstract】 General character and rules of changes in psychic stress,and effects of psychic care with procedural and sensory information on these changes were observed in 600 patients with surgery,including general surgery、urinary surgery and gynecologic surgery. 300 cases were in experimental group,others were in two control groups ,each group ,with 150 cases. The results showed that: 1. after admission ,as the approach of the date of operation the stress reaction increased graduatedlly ,anxiety、fear and blood pressure reached the top in the night before operation ,all of these changes went down as the performance of operation. Pain、suffering and malaise were severe after operation than that during operation. 2. Psychic index of stres reaction were lower in experimental group than that in two control groups ,during the night before operation、in the operation and after operation. (P<0.05, P<0. 01, P<0. 001), These results showed that psychic care are useful method to maintain health and comfort patients with surgical experience and have some practical value.

【关键词】 手术病人; 应激; 心理护理;

【Key words】 Surgical patient; Stress; Prychic care;


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