【作者】 李玉芹

【机构】 河南商丘市第一人民医院肿瘤科

【摘要】 目的:了解乳腺癌术后化疗患者的心理状况,探讨心理护理干预对乳腺癌术后化疗患者心理状态的影响。方法:根据乳腺癌术后化疗患者质性研究的心理特点,采用深入访谈及填表法了解患者的心理状况,运用自我效能理论对患者进行心理护理干预。结果:乳腺癌术后化疗患者普遍存在心理障碍,通过心理护理干预,可有效克服这些心理障碍。第一次化疗后心理护理至关重要。结论:护士应深入了解乳腺癌术后化疗患者内心的感受,对她们进行全面的身心照护,帮助她们摆脱疾病及治疗过程的痛苦,重新唤起生命的意义和幸福。

【Abstract】 Objective:To analysis psychological status of breast cancer patients receiving chemotherapy after radical mastectomy,and to evaluate the effect of psychological nurse intervent ion on psychological status of them.Methods:Analysis psychological status of pat ients by an in depth talk and fill in investigation forms according their psychological characterj st ies.Use self-effi cacy theory to execute the psychological nursing care intervent ion in pat ients.Results:The mental disorder was commonly existed among breast cancer patients receiving chemotherapy after radical mastectomy.But patients coud winthrough aftef psychological nursing,which is most important for patients suffering from chemothdrapy first time.Conclusion:Anurse should realize the fee1ing of patient s deep1,nurse their body and ind carefu1,help them to get rid of painfulnes s brought by disease and treatment,and pick up the happiness andsignifi cance of ife.

【关键词】 乳腺肿瘤; 化学疗法; 心理护理;

【Key words】 Breast cancer; Chemotherapy; Psychological nursing;


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