On the Construction of Micro-lecture Resources under the Environment of “Internet plus” Higher Education——A Case Study on the Series of Micro-lecture of Chinese Medicine Specialty

【作者】 郭宏伟

【Author】 Guo Hongwei;Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine;

【机构】 黑龙江中医药大学

【摘要】 随着"互联网+"时代的开启,以互联网为主的新一代信息技术与教育领域的深度融合已经成为必然趋势。这种深度融合不仅涉及技术的渗透和交融,更预示着教育的变革和创新。在"互联网+"高等教育背景下,如何科学、高效地开展微课资源建设,充分发挥微课的优势和价值,是推进微课可持续发展的重要任务。该文分析了"互联网+"高等教育和微课的基本内涵和特点;并从微课的设计、开发、资源组织、平台建设等方面,总结了微课资源建设的现状,阐述了基于"互联网+"高等教育的微课资源建设必要性和可行性。最后,以"互联网+"高等教育为背景,以中医学专业系列微课为例,提出了微课资源建设挑战和策略,为新形势下微课发展提供有益的借鉴。

【Abstract】 With the development of"Internet Plus"era,the newly deep integration of Internet-based information technology and education has become an inevitable trend,which not only involves the penetration and integration of technology,but also indicates that the change and innovation of education.Under the background of"Internet plus"higher education,how to carry out the construction of micro-lecture resources scientifically and efficiently,and give full play to the advantages and value of microlectures is an important task to promote the sustainable development of micro-lectures.This paper analyzes the basic connotation and characteristics of"Internet plus"higher education and micro-lectures,and summarizes the current situation of micro-lecture resources construction from the aspects of design,development,resource organization and platform construction,and expounds the necessity and feasibility of the construction of micro-lecture resources based on"Internet plus"higher education.Finally,taking the"Internet plus"higher education as the background,this paper puts forward the challenge and the strategy of the micro-curriculum construction with the example of the micro-lecture of Chinese specialty series,and provides the beneficial reference for the development of the micro-curriculum under the new situation.

【关键词】 互联网+; 高等教育; 微课; 资源建设;

【Key words】 Internet Plus; Higher Education; Micro-lecture; Resources Construction;


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