Current Situation of AIDS epidemic in China

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【作者】 王丽艳秦倩倩丁正伟蔡畅郭巍李东民李培龙葛琳陈方方崔岩

【Author】 Wang Liyan;Qin Qianqian;Ding Zhengwei;Cai Chang;Guo Wei;Li Dongmin;Li Peilong;Ge Lin;Chen Fangfang;Cui Yan;Center for AIDS Prevention and Control,Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention;

【机构】 中国疾病预防控制中心性病艾滋病预防控制中心

【摘要】 目的掌握中国艾滋病疫情的最新状况,为制定有针对性的防治措施提供数据支持,对艾滋病病例报告数据进行整理和分析。方法利用经过查重、核实后的截至2015年底全国艾滋病综合防治信息系统中报告的15岁及以上的艾滋病病毒(HIV)感染者和病人的数据,对其性别、年龄、地区分布及传播途径进行描述性分析。结果截至2015年底,报告现存活15岁及以上的HIV感染者57.1万,报告病例数超过1万的省份达到了15个;经异性性传播病例占58.7%,经男男性行为传播占20.1%,经注射吸毒传播占13.6%;注射毒品、异性性传播病例现住址是农村的构成比分别为60.2%、59.6%,同性性传播病例现住址为城市的构成比为69.1%;现存活病例的男女比为2.6∶1;15~19岁、20~24岁、25~29岁男男性行为传播的病例,分别占该年龄组病例的63.3%、65.8%、52.7%。2015年新发现15岁以上HIV感染者11.5万,超过5 000例的省份达到了9个;经异性性传播病例占66.7%,经男男性行为传播占28.4%,经注射吸毒传播占4.4%;注射毒品、异性性传播感染者现住址为农村所占构成比分别为67.1%和60.4%,男男性行为传播感染者现住城市构成比为66.1%;2015年新发现病例男女比为3.7∶1;15~19岁、20~24岁、25~29岁男男性行为传播分别占该年龄组病例的73.8%、68.0%、55.6%。结论部分地区艾滋病流行程度较高,整体疫情以性传播为主。不同年龄段人群和城乡流行模式也表现不同。流行模式表现复杂,未来的艾滋病预防控制面临更大的挑战。

【Abstract】 Objective To analyze the current situation of AIDS epidemic in China,so as to provide data support for developing targeted prevention and control strategies.Methods A descriptive analysis was carried out to understand the sex,age,geographic distribution and route of transmission about HIV-infected patients(aged 15 years and over)reported in the National AIDS Integrated Information System up to the end of 2015.Results By the end of2015,the existing living HIV-infected people were 571 000,aged 15 years and over with male to female ratio 2.6:1,and there were 15 provinces with more than 10 000 cases.58.7% cases got infected via heterosexual transmission,20.1% via homosexual transmission,and 13.6% via injecting drug use(IDU),of which 60.2% via IDU,and59.6% via heterosexual transmission were in rural areas,and 69.1% via homosexual transmission were mainly in urban areas.Among the age groups of 15-19,20-24,25-29 years old,male cases reached 63.3%,65.8 %,and52.7% respectively.The number of newly diagnosed HIV cases over 15 years old was 115 000 in 2015,and 9provinces had more than 5000 cases.Among them,the cases infected with HIV via heterosexual,homosexual transmission and IDU were 66.7%,28.4% and 4.4% respectively,and the proportion of 67.3% and 60.4%infected with HIV via IDU and heterosexual transmission were living in rural areas,and 66.1%infected via homosexual transmission were living in urban areas.The newly detected cases in 2015 was also male-dominated,with the male to female ratio of 3.7:1.Among the age groups of 15-19,20-24,and 25-29 years of the newly diagnosed HIV infected,the proportions infected via homosexual transmission were 73.8%,68.0%,and 55.6% respectively.Conclusion The distribution of AIDS epidemic in the country is different,with high epidemic in some areas.The epidemic is predominant in sexual transmission.The AIDS epidemic patterns are different in different age groups,urban and/or rural areas.The epidemic model is complex,and HIV/AIDS prevention and control in China is greatly challenging.

【关键词】 艾滋病; 流行现状; 疫情分析;

【Key words】 China AIDS; Epidemic Situation;


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