Research on the Service Innovation of Library under the "Internet+" Thinking

【作者】 向宏华

【Author】 Xiang Honghua;

【机构】 桂林理工大学图书馆

【摘要】 国家"互联网+"发展战略的规划与实施,为图书馆服务创新提供了新的机遇与挑战,并使其成为图书馆学研究热点问题之一。本文通过对"互联网+"研究背景、概念与内涵的分析,系统梳理了图书馆"互联网+"的发展历程与研究进展,结合图书馆管理与服务的实际,对"互联网+"思维下图书馆服务创新路径进行了研究,并提出积极推进"互联网+"知识服务理念,持续打造以人为本、开放共享、跨界融合、协同创新的行业生态是当前图书馆发展的最优路径。

【Abstract】 The planning and implementation of the national "Internet+" development strategy provide new opportunities and challenges for the innovation of library service,and make it become one of the hot issues of library science research.Based on the analysis of research background,concept and connotation of "Internet+",this paper systematically reviews the development and research progress of library "Internet+".Combining with the reality of library management and service,it conducts a study of innovation path of library service from the perspective of "Internet+",and argues that actively promoting the knowledge service concept of " Internet+" and continually creating the ecosystem which is people-oriented,open sharing,cross-border integration and collaborative innovation,are the optimal paths of current library development.

【关键词】 互联网+; 图书馆; 服务创新; 大数据;

【Key words】 Internet+; Library; Service innovation; Big data;


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