The Knowledge Mapping Domains of Think Tanks Research in China: Present Situation, Research Hotspot and Research Frontier——Based on Bibliometric Analysis of CSSCI(1998-2016)

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【作者】 任恒

【Author】 REN Heng;School of Public Administration,Jilin University;

【机构】 吉林大学行政学院

【摘要】 【目的/意义】近年来国内有关智库的研究方兴未艾,亟需对该项研究的进程予以梳理与总结,发现其中的薄弱环节和前沿趋势,以进一步提升国内智库研究的质量。【方法/过程】以1998—2016年CSSCI收录的491篇关于智库主题的期刊论文为样本,采用文献计量方法和知识网络分析工具Cite Space,对国内智库研究的现状、热点及趋势等内容展开深入分析。【结果/结论】当前国内智库主题的论文数量呈递增态势,并在2013年左右出现"井喷"现象;研究主题涉及智库的概念与内涵、中国特色新型智库的阐释及建设、国外智库建设的经验借鉴3个方面。该项研究的薄弱环节包括智库核心竞争力、中国智库属性与"旋转门"机制等内容,今后须围绕智库个案剖析、政策分析市场和智库理论提炼等维度予以推进。

【Abstract】 【Purpose/significance】In recent years, think tanks research in China is on the rise, and it’s urgent to sort out and summarize the progress of research for finding out the weak links and the frontier trends, which’s to improve the quality of think tanks research in China.【Method/process】The papers based on 491 journal articles on think tanks subject in the CSSCI database were selected from 1998-2016, by using bibliometric method and knowledge network analysis tool Cite Space, to analyze the present situation, research hotspots and evolution of think tanks research in China.【Result/conclusion】The results showed that the number of theses on think tanks subject has been on the rise, and a significant increase appeared around 2013. The research topics are related to the concept and connotation of think tanks, the interpretation of new-style think tanks with Chinese characteristics, the experience reference of foreign think tanks construction. However,there is a lack of research on the theoretical system of Chinese think tanks, which shows that the research on the core competitiveness of think tanks, the attribute of think tanks in China and the revolving door mechanism. In the future, think tank research can focus on think tanks case analysis, policy market and think tanks theory.

【关键词】 智库; 知识图谱; 旋转门机制; 核心竞争力; 政策分析市场;

【Key words】 think tanks; knowledge mapping domains; revolving door mechanism; the core competitiveness; policy analysis market;

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