New progress in treatment of depression

【作者】 瞿伟谷珊珊

【Author】 Qu Wei;Gu Shanshan;Department of Clinical Psychology,Center of Mental Health Research,Southwest Hospital,Third Military Medical University;

【机构】 第三军医大学西南医院临床心理科,全军心理卫生研究中心

【摘要】 <正>抑郁症是一种高患病率、高疾病负担、高复发率、高致残率、高自杀率的慢性精神疾病。根据WHO最新报告,预计到2020年,抑郁症将成为导致人类死亡和致残的第二大类疾病[1]。自20世纪80年代以来,抑郁症治疗的研究取得了长足的进步,特别是第3代抗抑郁药5-羟色胺再摄取抑制剂的诞生,开启了抑郁症治疗的新篇章,大大增强了药物治疗的安全性、方便

【Abstract】 In our modern society,depression has become a common and frequently occurring disease.The past studies concerning depression treatment focused on research and development of new drugs,in order to improve the efficacy of anti-depressants and reduce adverse drug reactions.Although,nowadays,the antidepressant efficiency has reached 60% to 80% and the cure rate remained only 30%,great efforts should be made to improve the treatment of depression.With the development of science and technology,depression is of great heterogeneity in its etiology,mechanism and treatment.The current studies on the treatment of depression not only continue to focus on fast-acting and safety of antidepressants,but also,expand the research view to the aspects of the whole process of treatment.Treatment preferences,patient compliance,and different treatment methods can affect treatment outcome.

【关键词】 抑郁症; 治疗; 新进展;

【Key words】 depression; treatment; progress;


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