The Research on the Content and Direction of Library’s Business Reengineering in the Background of Internet Plus

【作者】 余凌

【Author】 Yu Ling;

【机构】 海南热带海洋学院图书馆

【摘要】 "互联网+"概念的提出和应用发展以及"互联网+"环境下图书馆用户需求的变化,都促使图书馆必须进行转型以适应时代的需求。文章在对"互联网+"背景下图书馆界的学术研究和行动实践的分析基础上,重点对驱动图书馆转型变革因素即技术的频繁应用、用户的需求变化和数据结构的变化进行了分析,认为"互联网+"背景下的图书馆发展与变革将主要体现在从现代图书馆向智慧图书馆转型、从阶梯式管理向扁平式管理模式、从文献信息资源建设向数据资源建设三个方向。

【Abstract】 It prompted the library must make the transformation to meet the needs of the times, because of the concept of Internet plus raising and its application development, and users’ requirement change. Article analyzes the academic research and practical action in the context of the library community, focusing on the factors that drive library transformational change which is frequently applied technology, the changes in requirement and data structure. So it considers that library development and transformation in the background of Internet plus will be reflected in three directions——from model library to intelligence library; from multistep to flat management model, from the documentation and information resources building to the data resources building.

【关键词】 互联网+; 智慧图书馆; 大数据; 业务重组;

【Key words】 Internet plus; Intelligence library; Big data; Business reengineering;

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