Significance and means of implementing clinical pathways

【作者】 张正华高居中

【Author】 ZHANG Zhenghua, GAO Juzhong. Beijing Hospital Association, Beijing 100053, China

【机构】 北京医院协会北京红十字朝阳医院 100053

【摘要】 作者就临床路径的概念和内涵、由来和作用进行了描述 ;并介绍了临床路径的病种 /病例选择和制定的方法、过程 ;阐述了改革对医院支付方式是实施临床路径的动力 ,转变医师的服务理念是推行临床路径的关键 ,各科室的协调与合作是实施临床路径的保证

【Abstract】 The authors first describe the concept and connotation, origin and functions of clinical pathways and then give an account of the selection of disease groups or cases in clinical pathways and the formulation of means and procedures. They argue that in the implementation of clinical pathways, reform of the manner of hospital payment is the driving force, transformation of physicians idea of service is the key, and coordination and cooperation between various departments is the guarantee.

【关键词】 临床路径; 病种选择;

【Key words】 Clinical pathway; Selection of disease group;


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