Opportunities and challenges of malaria elimination in China

【作者】 高琪

【Author】 Gao Qi Jiangsu Institute of Parasitic Diseases,Wuxi 214064,China

【机构】 江苏省血吸虫病防治研究所

【摘要】 我国于2010年7月启动了消除疟疾行动,计划于2020年在全国范围内消除疟疾,很多人对此充满信心,也有不少人对此心存疑虑。本文就我国当前消除疟疾工作的外部环境、机构建设和技术支撑等方面的优势进行了介绍,同时对消除疟疾的观念和认识、技术措施等方面的不足进行了剖析,并对我国当前消除疟疾的形势进行了客观分析。提出目前是我国实施消除疟疾行动计划的有利时机,但必须及时转变观念,抓住机遇,科学应对挑战,同时加快技术创新,才能如期实现消除疟疾的目标。

【Abstract】 The malaria elimination program of China launched in July 2010,and planned to eliminate malaria by 2020.Most of people were optimistic,meanwhile,some of others doubted on that.This paper introduces both the opportunities and challenges of malaria elimination in China at present,and indicates that it is advantageous timing to conduct malaria elimination program in China now,but the goal of elimination only can be reached if we could timely change the concept,seize those opportunities and deal with those challenges,as well as accelerate the technique innovation and breakthrough by scientific research.

【关键词】 疟疾; 消除; 机遇; 挑战; 中国;

【Key words】 Malaria; Elimination; Opportunity; Challenge; China;


【基金】 国家科技重大专项(2008ZX10004-011);国家重点基础研究发展计划(973计划)(2007CB513100);国家自然科学基金(30872214)

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