Preliminary Screening of Chinese Herbal Medicine in Inhibiting Helicobacter Pylori

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【作者】 王绪霖缴稳玲吕宗舜杨恕陈桂芳

【Author】 Wang Xu-lin;Jiao Wen-ling;Lu Zong-shun;et al(Affiliated Hoapital of Tianjin Medical College,Tianjin300052)

【机构】 天津医学院附属医院

【摘要】 本研究对226例有上消化道症状患者进行的胃镜和病理学检查,诊断为慢性胃炎和消化性溃疡。同时取胃窦粘膜做幽门螺旋菌(HP)培养,其中136例HP阳性(60.18%)。经用200种不同性味、不同作用的单味中药做对HP的抑菌试验,结果发现其中38种中药对HP有不同程度的抑菌作用,为慢性胃炎和消化性溃疡的临床辩证论治和清除HP提供参考。

【Abstract】 At present Helicobacter pylori(HP) was taken to be closely related to chronic atrophic gastritis and peptic ulcer.226 patients with symptoms of upper digestive tract by endoscope were examined and chronic atrophic gastritis and peptic ulcer were diagnosed.Mucous membrane from gastric antrum was taken and cultured, and found that 136 cases of 226 patients were HP positive and the rate of positiveness was 60.18%.200 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine were selected to investigate its inhibitory action on HP.Results indicated that 38 among 200 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine had inhibitory effects on HP,which provided evidence for diagnosis and treatment of chronic atrophic gastritis and peptic ulcer,also for iuhibition of HP growth.

【关键词】 幽门螺旋菌; 慢性胃炎; 消化性溃疡中药;

【Key words】 Helicobacter pylori; chronic atrophic gastritis; peptic ulcer; Chinese herbal medicine;


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