Clinical applications of D T Light fiber post and resin core system

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【作者】 王宁骆小平俞长路张洁钱冬冬

【Author】 WANG Ning, LUO Xiao-ping, YU Chang-lu, ZHANG Jie, QIAN Dong-dong.(Department of Prosthodontics, Stomatological Hospital Affiliated to Medical School of Nanjing University, Nanjing 210008,China)

【机构】 南京大学医学院附属口腔医院修复科南京大学医学院附属口腔医院修复科 南京210008南京210008南京210008

【摘要】 目的研究高强度纤维桩树脂核的临床修复效果。方法对64例患者156颗上下颌前牙残冠、残根,经完善的根管治疗后,采用制作纤维桩树脂核恢复基牙外形并行全瓷冠修复。结果经过0.5~2.0年的随访观察,结合临床及X线检查,修复成功率为96.6%,且无冠变色、根折、桩折现象的发生。结论高强度纤维桩树脂核具有良好的美学效果,且不易造成根管壁折裂。

【Abstract】 Objective To investigate the clinical application of D T Light fiber post and resin coresystem. Methods 156 anterior teeth from sixty-four patients after root canal therapy were restored with D T Light fiber posts and resin cores. All-ceramic crowns were also used to form the shape and shade of the teeth. Results After observation for 6 months to 2 years, together with clinical observation and X-ray examination, the storation ratio reached 96.6%. No crown’s color changed, and no root or post broken were found. Conclusion The clinical application of fiber post and resincore system is especially satisfactory due to its aesthetic effects, and reduced probability leading to root broken.

【关键词】 纤维桩; 树脂核; 全瓷冠;

【Key words】 fiber post; resin core; all-ceramic crown;


【基金】 人事部和教育部留学回国人员基金资助项目(20016001)

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