Progress in Pharmacotherapy of Peptic Ulcer

【作者】 尹江燕陈道荣

【Author】 YIN Jiang-yan,CHEN Dao-rong. (Department of Gastroenterology,the First Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University,Chongqing 400016,China)

【机构】 重庆医科大学附属第一医院消化内科

【摘要】 胃溃疡和十二指肠溃疡并称消化性溃疡,发病率高达10%。药物治疗是消化性溃疡的主要治疗方法,治疗药物目前常用的有质子泵抑制剂、H2受体抑制剂、胃黏膜保护剂及抗幽门螺杆菌的联合用药;此外中药、天然药物提取成分和生长因子及靶向受体抑制剂等促溃疡愈合剂的研究已取得显著进展。该文就消化性溃疡的药物治疗予以综述,在一定程度上为消化性溃疡的临床治疗提供依据。

【Abstract】 Peptic ulcer includes gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer the incidence rate of which is up to 10%.The main treatment of peptic ulcer is drugs.Combination of antacids such as H2-receptor antagonists,proton pump inhibitors,gastric mucosal protector and eradication drugs of helicobacter pylori are the general therapy drugs;besides,the research on the ulcer healing agents such as traditional Chinese medicine,extracted component from natural herbs,growth factors and targeted receptor blockers have been developed.Here is to make a review of the pharmacotherapy of peptic ulcer to provide references for the clinical treatment of the disease.

【关键词】 消化性溃疡; 联合用药; 天然药物; 生长因子;

【Key words】 Peptic ucler; Combination theraypy; Natural herb; Growth factor;


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