Retrospection and expectation on drug management of glaucoma

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【作者】 邱敬华刘旭阳武正清

【Author】 Jing-Hua Qiu1,Xu-Yang Liu2,Zheng-Qing Wu3 1Department of Ophthalmology,University of South China,421001,Hunan Province,China;2 Department of Ophthalmology,West China Hospital,Sichuan University,Chengdu 610041,Sichuan Province,China;3 Department of Ophthalmology,the First Affiliated Hospital,Xiangnan Unviersity,423000,Hunan Province,China

【机构】 南华大学附二医院眼科四川大学华西医院眼科湘南学院附属一医院眼科

【摘要】 青光眼在全世界范围内是一个主要的致盲眼病。高眼压是多数青光眼主要的危险,也是抗青光眼药物治疗的重点。随着人们对青光眼发病机制的研究以及药理学知识和技术的发展,抗青光眼药物也有了很大进展。现就目前正在使用的抗青光眼药物做一综述性回顾并介绍正在研究开发的抗青光眼新药的药效及降眼压机制。

【Abstract】 Glaucoma represents a major cause of vision loss throughout the world.Elevated intraocular pressure is a major risk factor and available anti-glaucoma drugs treat this facet of the disease.With the development of study in pathogenesy of glaucoma and pharmacology,it have made a great progress in anti-glaucoma drug.The aims of this article are to provide an overview of current drug management of glaucoma and introduce new drug being investigated about pharmaco-dynamic action and mechanism.

【关键词】 青光眼; 眼压; 药物治疗;

【Key words】 glaucoma; intraocular pressure; drug treatment;


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