Progress in epidemiological studies of primary glaucoma in China

【作者】 汪俊崔巍

【Author】 Jun Wang1,Wei Cui2 1 Ophthalmology Major,Graduate School of Inner Mongolia Medical College,Hohhot 010059,Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region,China;2Department of Ophthalmology,Inner Mongolia People’s Hospital,Hohhot 010017,Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region,China

【机构】 内蒙古医学院研究生学院内蒙古自治区人民医院眼科

【摘要】 青光眼是不可逆盲的主要病因。随着社会、经济、环境的变化以及诊疗手段的进步,青光眼的流行病学特点也在不断的变化。由于不同的青光眼诊断标准和分类系统可以导致不同的流行病学调查结果,而流行病学的特征又指导着临床的干预措施。因此青光眼流行病学状况对青光眼的防治有着重要的意义。本文就我国原发性青光眼流行病学相关研究进展作一综述。

【Abstract】 Glaucoma is the primary cause of inreversible blindness.As the change of society,economy and environment,and the improvement of the ways of diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma,the epidemiological feature is also changing incessantly.Since different diagnostic standard and classification system of glaucoma lead to different survey result of epidemiology,and the epidemiological feature gives direction to the clinical intervening measure,the situation of glaucoma epidemiology is of great importance to prophylaxis and treatment of glaucoma.This thesis gives an overview of the progress in research field of primary glaucoma epidemiology in China.

【关键词】 流行病学; 青光眼; 患病率; 危险因素;

【Key words】 epidemiology; glaucoma; prevalence rate; risk factors;


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