A Medical Data Sharing Model via Blockchain

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【作者】 薛腾飞傅群超王枞王新宴

【Author】 XUE Teng-Fei;FU Qun-Chao;WANG Cong;WANG Xin-Yan;School of Software, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications;Key Laboratory of Trustworthy Distributed Computing and Service, Ministry of Education;Air Force General Hospital;

【机构】 北京邮电大学软件学院可信分布式计算与服务教育部重点实验室空军总医院

【摘要】 根据医疗行业现状,不难发现各医疗机构间共享数据困难,因为医疗数据的校验、保存和同步一直是一个难点.病人、医生以及研究人员在访问和共享医疗数据时存在严格的限制,这一过程需要花费大量的资源和时间用于权限审查和数据校验.本文提出一个基于区块链的医疗数据共享模型,具有去中心化、安全可信、集体维护、不可篡改等特点,适用于解决各医疗机构数据共享的难题.本文详细介绍了模型的组件以及实现原理.将现有医疗机构进行分类,配合使用改进的共识机制实现了方便、安全、快捷的数据共享.此外,通过对比医疗数据共享存在的问题,分析了本模型的优势以及带来的影响.

【Abstract】 According to the status quo of medical industry, verification, storage and synchronization of clinical data are difficult, therefore, clinic data sharing between institutions become a challenging task. There are many restrictions in data access and sharing for patients, doctors and even researchers, which results in a high cost of both resources and time for authority authentication and verification. To solve this problem, we propose a blockchain-based medical data sharing model, with advantages of decentralization, high security, collective maintenance and tamper resistance. We discuss the critical principles and components of this model in detail. Furthermore, we improve the consensus mechanism so as to better match different types of medical institutions for a more convenient, secure and faster data sharing. In addition, the merits and impacts of this model are presented and analyzed by comparisons in terms of existing issues in medical data.

【关键词】 医疗数据; 区块链; 共识机制; 共享模型;

【Key words】 Medical data; blockchain; consensus mechanism; sharing model;


【基金】 科技基础性工作专项(2015FY111700-06)资助~~

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