【作者】 叶子思黄正有戴德栋

【机构】 广东省东莞市道滘医院

【摘要】 目的对不同剂量辛伐他汀治疗高血压合并高脂血症的临床疗效观察以及安全性的探讨。方法对2007年5月~2010年5月门诊诊断的76例高血压合并高脂血症患者,经临床确诊后接受治疗,将患者随机分为两组,每组各38例,所有患者接受常规治疗,A组使用辛伐他汀20mg,B组使用辛伐他汀40mg;经过3个月的治疗,观察两组的临床疗效,于用药4周、8周、12周观察患者的血压、血清总胆固醇(TCH)、甘油三酯(TG)等的变化;观察两组患者服药前后肝肾功能、血糖及心肌酶学的变化。结果两种剂量药物治疗前后肝肾功能、血糖及心肌酶学无显著性差异,每日口服辛伐他汀20mg与40mg疗效基本相同,安全性无异。结论口服辛伐他汀对治疗高血压合并高血脂症疗效稳定,安全可靠。

【Abstract】 Objective Different doses of simvastatin for hyperlipidemia treatment ofhypertension and clinical efficacy and safety study.Methods The hospital from May 2007 to May 2010 out of 76 patients with hypertension combined diagnosis ofhyperlipidemia in 76 patients by clinical diagnosis after hospitalization,the patients were randomly divided into two groups,each 38 cases,all patients receivedconventional treatment,A group with simvastatin 20mg,B group with simvastatin40mg;after 3 months of treatment,the clinical efficacy were observed at 4 weeks,8weeks,12 weeks observed in patients blood pressure,serum total cholesterol(TCH),triglyceride(TG) and other changes;observed in patients with liver and kidney function before and after medication,blood glucose and myocardial enzymechanges.Results The dose of liver and kidney function before and after treatment,blood glucose and serum creatine kinase was no significant difference in daily oral administration of simvastatin 20mg and 40mg is basically the same efficacy,safetyis no different.Conclusion Oral simvastatin treatment of hypertension andhyperlipidemia efficacy,stability and security.

【关键词】 不同剂量; 辛伐他汀; 高血压合并高脂血症; 老年; 临床疗效;

【Key words】 In different doses; Simvastatin; Hypertension and hyperlipidemia; The elderly; Clinical efficacy;


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