The epidemiological situation of human papillomavirus infection among women in China

【作者】 单玮张涛张铁军赵根明

【Author】 SHAN Wei;ZHANG Tao;ZHANG Tie-jun;ZHAO Gen-ming;Department of Epidemiology,School of Public Health,Fudan University;Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education for Public Health Security;Collaborative Innovation Center of Social Risks Governance in Health;

【机构】 复旦大学公共卫生学院流行病学教研室公共卫生安全教育部重点实验室国民健康社会风险预警协同创新中心

【摘要】 宫颈癌给我国乃至全世界都造成了沉重的社会经济负担,人乳头瘤病毒(human papilloma virus,HPV)尤其是高危型HPV与宫颈癌前病变和宫颈癌密切相关,HPV疫苗的出现无疑给广大女性带来了福音。目前多个国家已经开展了HPV的疫苗免疫计划,我国大陆虽然刚刚批准了二价的HPV疫苗在国内使用,但仍缺乏系统的HPV感染的流行数据,因而本文就我国女性HPV感染的流行病学状况作一综述,旨在为HPV疫苗的研发和应用及宫颈癌防治工作提供指导。

【Abstract】 Cervical cancer has caused heavy social and economical burden to our country and worldwide. Human papillomavirus( HPV),especially the high-risk type,is closely associated with cervical precancerous lesions and invasive cervical cancer. The discovery of HPV vaccine has undoubtedly brought benefits to women with high risk. Several countries have already conducted the HPV vaccine immunization programs. While limited information on the epidemiology of HPV infection in China is available,although the bivalent vaccine has just been approved in our country. Therefore,the aim of this paper is to review the epidemiological status of HPV infection among women in China and provide instruction for the development and application of HPV vaccine,also contribute to the prevention of cervical cancer.

【关键词】 人乳头瘤病毒疫苗; 流行病学研究; 宫颈肿瘤;

【Key words】 Papillomavirus vaccines; Epidemiological studies; Uterine cervical neoplasms;


【基金】 国家自然科学基金(81102166)

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