Healthy China Strategy and construction of graded diagnosis and treatment system

【作者】 饶克勤

【Author】 Rao Ke-qin;Chinese Journal of Health Economics;

【机构】 中国卫生经济学会

【摘要】 当前,我国实施健康中国战略面临的主要挑战是卫生发展不平衡不充分,表现为结构性矛盾和总量性矛盾,其中结构性矛盾更为突出和关键。因此,要以供给侧改革为抓手,通过分级诊疗制度的落实,逐步构建合理的医疗卫生服务体系,推进有序诊疗,最终实现健康中国战略。

【Abstract】 At present,the main challenge faced in the process of implementing the Healthy China strategy is the imbalance of health development,which is manifested as structural contradiction and total contradiction.Among which,the structural contradiction is more prominent.Therefore,the reform of the supply side should be taken as the hand,through the implementation of the graded diagnosis and treatment system,the reasonable health service system should be gradually built,and the orderly diagnosis and treatment should be promoted to realize the healthy Chinese strategy.

【关键词】 健康中国战略; 分级诊疗制度; 结构性矛盾; 供给侧改革;

【Key words】 Healthy China Strategy; Graded diagnosis and treatment system; Structural contradiction; Supply-side reform;


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