【作者】 柴守霞丁永红

【机构】 连云港市第一人民医院普外一科

【摘要】 目的探讨静脉留置针发生堵管的原因,并提出预防对策。方法回顾性分析本院普外科84例应用静脉留置针患者发生堵管的原因。结果发生静脉留置针堵管20例,堵管发生率为23.8%。堵管原因包括:封管液剂量不足发生堵管4例(4.8%)、封管操作不当发生堵管7例(8.3%)、静脉输高营养液及输注刺激性药物后冲洗不彻底和静脉留置针留置时间过长分别发生堵管3例(3.6%)、患者凝血功能异常发生堵管1例(1.2%)、患者穿刺手臂用力或活动过度发生堵管2例(2.4%)。结论静脉留置针发生堵管的原因是多方面的,护理人员应针对原因提出预防对策,以便降低患者静脉留置针堵管发生率,从而减轻患者的痛苦及经济负担。

【Abstract】 Objective To explore the reasons for plugging of venous catheter and propose preventive measures to provide a basis for nursing care.Method A retrospective analysis application of blocked tubes causes in 84 cases with intravenous catheter.Results Twenty cases of a blocked intravenous catheter,plugging rate was 23.8%.By choosing the right sealing solution doses plugging occurred in 4 cases(4.8%).Due to the improper operation of closure tube plugging occurred in 7 cases(8.3%);due to intravenous infusion of high-nutrient solution and not thoroughly washed after drug stimulation and venous indwelling catheter occurred in a longer time plugging in 3 cases(3.6%);due to patients with coagulation abnormalities occur blocked tubes 1 case(1.2%);due to arm puncture in patients with excessive force or activities that occurred plugging was two cases(2.4%).Conclusions There are many reasons that occurrence of clogging for venous catheter.Nursing staff should pay attention to the operation of needle retention and reduce the incidence of blocked tubes.

【关键词】 静脉留置针; 堵管; 护理;

【Key words】 venous catheter; clogging; nursing;


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