Discussion on concepts of the health,subhealth,before sickness and prevention

【作者】 姜良铎

【Author】 JIANG Liang-duo (Dongzhimen Hospital Affiliated to Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Beijing 100700, China)

【机构】 北京中医药大学东直门医院

【摘要】 随着生活水准的提高,人们越来越关注健康和亚健康,虽然《黄帝内经》提出"治未病"的预防思想可以指导亚健康的中医药干预,中医药在干预亚健康方面有一定优势,已为专家所公认。但大家对健康、亚健康、未病与治未病相关概念的认识尚不统一,笔者结合中华中医药学会发布的《亚健康中医临床指南》对健康、亚健康、未病、治未病的相关概念及其关系提出个人意见,以期与同道探讨。

【Abstract】 With life level improving, more and more attention has been paid to the health and subhealth. Although the thoughts of prevention the diseases had been raised in Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon and gave the direction of Chinese Medicine in interventing in subhealth condition, and the dominance of Chinese Medicine in interventing in subhealth condition in clinic has been generally accepted by the specialists, the key problem about the concepts of the health, subhealth, before sickness and prevention have not unified standards. According to the Clinical Guidelines of Chinese Medicine on Subhealth which was published by China Association of TCM and Pharmacy, the author gave personal opinions and wished to discuss them with all experts.

【关键词】 健康; 亚健康; 未病; 治未病; 概念;

【Key words】 Health; Subhealth; Before sickness; Prevention; Concept;


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